Tuesday, April 27, 2010

WHITE Chocolate Drizzled Brownie Popsicles

Ok,so i'm finishing my sophomore year, home-schooled and it bites. So I have a lot of free time and I figured heck, lets start a blog.. I like to bake,so here we go!

First you'll need the following ingredients.. 1 box of brownie mix,white chocolate chips or you can use bark, sprinkles and popsicle stix..

first.. make your brownies according to the directions..

let the brownies cool all the way or the chocolate wont harden as good, dont dip the brownies in the chocolate or your chocolate will turn brown. spoon or drizzle it on.

I started out covering the brownie, but then I thought it would be better to drizzle.

After we got the brownies out of the pan, we put the stix in, drizzled the chocolate, and added sprinkles, then put them in the fridge until the chocolate was harded.

The kids ate the brownie popsickle's up.....

It defenitely takes longer to make them rather than eating them...

ENJOY!! :)


  1. Mmm, looks delicious! Thanks for linking at The Youngn's :)

  2. what a great idea. I love the name of your blog by the way!
    I found you on tempt ur tummy tues.

  3. What a great idea! Genius!! Love how it involves the kiddos!! Thanks!

  4. what a cute idea!! love your blog, keep 'em coming!!

  5. very cool what a great idea for our upcoming block party thanks for sharing

  6. These were soooo good! What a cute idea Miss Hannie!

  7. My kids would love these! Very cute idea!

  8. great idea! my kids would love these!