Saturday, April 9, 2011


So I would have to say that this day is up there with possibly one of the best days ever!
While we were waiting in the longest line ever, they were filming for one of the episodes.
I got to see buddy when he was walking around in the back.
I had a pretty ballin spring break! and this just made it even better!
So too all my wonderful followers, If you haven't been, I HIGHLY
recommend that you go and get some of his yummy desserts!!

            So, Cake boss! was it really as good as everyone expects? You better believe it!!

This statement couldn't me more true!! I fell in love ;)

Mini Cakes!

                                        Best Dessert I have ever HAD!!!! Those canolli's were to Die for. worth every

                                    minute of the 5 hours we waited for!! lol
Strawberry shortcake!

Carrot cake!

Chocalate Rasberry cake

Reesee's Cheesecake! ;)

Cannoli Cake!

It was soooo Packed inside!

Chelle,Me,Nolan,Bro.Erickson, and Zack inside cvs while some others were waiting in line!