Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Favorite Thing To DO: White Chocolate Strawberries.

Making White Chocolate is very easy to do.. They are very tasty to all ages..

CLEAN the strawberries first, (ewww..) make sure there COMPLETELY dry before u dip them in the white chocolate or it will turn pink..

 Melt your chips or bark...

then dip, cool and eat them up!! Yumm-o.


  1. Yum, looks good and easy. Popcicle stick is a great idea, would have never thought about it. Have used sucker sticks but this is better idea. Keep em coming.

  2. I love milk chocolate dipped strawberries! When we are going to a party, they are always my fall back plan if I need to make something in a pinch. Do you temper your chocolate?

  3. mmmm...i have made milk chocolate covered strawberries but never white chocolate, looks yummy!!!

  4. Loooove me some white chocolate strawberries! The good thing is, I never have to make them!!