Saturday, May 1, 2010

My Homemade Apron!

Ok! so I'm at my grandma's this weekend  and have ALL this free time, she's an excellent sewer.. so she tought me how to make a homeade apron, I hope ya'll enjoy!
Here's the picture I used to model the apron by.

I went to Hobby Lobby and got the material needed.. I wanted it to match my blog as best as possible..

Before I got started sewing.. I had to press the seams down..

                                                               Sewing the seams....
Next, sewing the seams to the sash and straps..
Turning the sash and straps inside out..

Sewing the lace to the pocket...

Putting pins in so I could sew it together

Sewing the pocket on..

Sewing the sash on now..

After finishing sewing the sash and pocket on...

I made the bow and sewed the button on..

Ta-da!! My Apron..Enjoy! :)


  1. SEW cute!! You could totally sell these!!

  2. I love your blog- can't wait to try the coffee cake! I might even learn to sew with your apron tutorial! I predict you are going to have a very large following!

  3. HAnnie you have to make me one of those since I am you apprentice!! Great job!! turned out super duper cute.

  4. It's darling! I'm a big apron fan. I wear mine basically every day.

    I think I feel the itch to make a new one.

  5. Super cute! I've been wanting to make a cutsie apron for myself and get it monogrammed...consider me inspired. =0)

  6. Wow! I want one! Super cute! Way to go!

  7. what a super cute blog! :) Love it and became a follower! Erin

  8. sarah-yea! i just mite..:) mite just have to make u one.

  9. So cute! I love aprons, I always forget to wear them, but I love 'em!


  10. Your apron is adorable and you did such a good job. I am your newest follower, so I will be back to visit you again. Come visit me too.

    Susan and Bentley

  11. OMG!!! That is so cute!! Now if you put a back to it and made the top into a halter top, you would have the cutest little sundress!
    Maybe another sewing project for you......

  12. i wish i was your bff so i couldguilt you into giving me one! this is beautiful!

  13. This is simply adorable! Love the prints you used - super cute! Great tutorial too! Thanks so much for stopping by and joining the Sunday Showcase Party! I greatly appreciate it! Hope you have a wonderful week! Hope to see you again Sunday! ~ Stephanie Lynn

  14. Adorable! I love aprons and i love to stalk some of the great apron blogs out there just to get new ideas. You did a great job!

  15. This is such a cute blog. I just read all of your posts. :) I think I'll try the brownie popsicles with my kiddos. They've been begging me for brownies for a couple of days now.

    I also have a Messy Monday party that I'd love for you to join...if you're interested.

  16. That is a super cute apron and you did a great job! Hugs, Cindy S

  17. So cute... you should sell them on Etsy. I love your blog. So cute. I used to skim and scour through cookbooks as well growing up... GO Figure... Good job!

  18. Too cute! You are a talented lady!