Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Update on life.

Ok, so i know i haven't been on in awhile, things are pertty busy now a days..
 So i'm gonna update my lovely follwers.
Unfortunately, volleyball season is over, and we have moved into yet,another basketball season.
The 2010 lady flames rocked it this season!!
 The Starters.
                                                                             Me and hans..
                                                                 At tournaments
                                                                         Me serving.

                                                                Keep your eyes on the ball ;)

                                                                  I have no clue what im doing right here.
                                                             Me spiking it.
                                                             LOL. i'm a goof.
                                                         Wooh. we won!
                                                        I got honorable mention.. (I look super duper short compared to them!
ANd.. First place goes to, The lady flames;)


  1. cONGRATS TO THE flAMES!!!Kepp some of your life coming but I want some recipes too! Love ya Bannanie!!!

  2. Hi - my first visit to your cute blog and had to say hello. I'm tickled to know a teen blogger - you go girl! Reading cookbooks is definitely something right up my alley - so much in fact, I just had my own published this summer. What a charge! I'm marketing them myself and have sold close to 400 since August. I think you are doing great with your blog. Don't feel bad when you can't post as often as you'd like. School is very important right now, so you enjoy every minute, and I'll check back in with you sometime. Keep smiling...