Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Peanut butter cookie cupcakes, with m&m

Ok..so my lovely followers, I am terribly sorry I have been slacking on my blog..with school and what not I just have not had any time at all for baking you guys crazy! But school has been pretty good..our first volleyball game is next week..I'm excited about that..
This recipe was very easy.. you need to get your favorite peanut butter cookie recipe..and some m&m's.
Mix the peanut butter cookie batter together

get a mini cupcake pan..and some cupcake covers

crunch up some m&m's
Let it bake at 350
And they'll all be lined up to have a taste;) Enjoy!


  1. Love the post and your creativity in using the cookie mix in the mini muffin pan...Way to think outside the cookie mix box ;) and the m&m's look delicious with this... can't wait for your game next week..bring your memory card and I will take pics for your blog...Love ya bunches!

  2. Just wanted you to know I created "Sweet Sunday" in which you can link up and share something sweet you made.